About Us - A Message From our Founder

About Us - A Message From our Founder

My name is Marco Renda and I am the founder of madeNTB. I am currently a business student in University, and I have seen how difficult it is for talented individuals and innovative startup companies to get the exposure they deserve in today’s competitive world.

I launched madeNTB in February, 2020 - a social media initiative dedicated to showcasing greatness Made North of The Border. Our goal is to help promote and grow Canadian individuals, businesses, and brands.

madeNTB aims to expose Canadians to their local talent. Whether it is an awesome new company, talented band, or a local restaurant, we want our followers to learn about the great things that are Made North of The Border every time they click onto our site.

Our platform has been gradually growing - We are now proud to have a fun and interactive community of over 2,000 followers on our Instagram account. Thanks to the support of Canadians across the nation, we have been able to showcase a large number of businesses and individuals from coast to coast. We look forward to continuing to promote the best this nation has to offer.

Our new website will allow you see all of our posts and blogs, shop our madeNTB merchandise line, and view other exclusive content.

Thank you for the ongoing support of madeNTB!

-Marco Renda

Founder, madeNTB