Band Spotlight - THE HALI PROJECT

Band Spotlight - THE HALI PROJECT

The Hali Project formed when harmonica player, Brian, met singer/song-writer Joshua. Josh then contacted Bruce, a local drummer. The band went through 2 bass-players before finding Corey. Their sound can be described as acoustic blues/rock. The band’s debut 9-song album, “Weathervane”, is out now. Stream it on all major platforms and at

The Hali Project will be doing an online performance NEXT FRIDAY June 19th in support of Canadian troops and the diverse Canadians they protect. The show will air on FaceBook on PSP’s Account - (

madeNTB & The Hali Project are also currently hosting a GIVEAWAY on Instagram! The winners will first be announced at the online show next Friday. Make sure to go to @madeNTB on Instagram to learn how to enter!

Follow Us: @thehaliproject


  • James F

    Can’t wait to enter!

  • David Underwood

    Love the mysterious tone of the music. Very cool.

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