Company Spotlight - Hasty Coffee

Company Spotlight - Hasty Coffee

Don't Drink Bad Coffee. Drink Hasty!

Hasty Coffee is changing the game when it comes to instant coffee, by bringing you instant specialty coffee. It all starts with great coffees, these coffees are grown at high elevations by hardworking farmers and field labourers and then purchased ethically by talented Canadian roasters who sell to us. We take these great coffees and brew them with our proprietary process then freeze dry them in small batches to preserve their quality and freshness. This all makes a high quality instant coffee powder you can be proud to drink.

No matter where you are, just add some hot water and you've got a great coffee. When you're flying, camping, staring out the window on an uninviting winter morning, or dreading the though of pre-ground coffee while your visiting your relatives, we've got you covered!

Great Roasters. Great Instant Coffee. Anywhere. Anytime. Hasty! 

Check us out on Instagram @hasty_coffee to shop and learn more!

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