Company Spotlight - KefirKult

Company Spotlight - KefirKult

KefirKult is a Toronto based Kefir Company that produces fresh Water-Kefir Drinks and Coconut-Kefir Yogurt. All our products are LOCAL, VEGAN, DAIRY-FREE and ORGANIC.

Our Water-Kefir drinks are natural, refreshing, healthy and highly probiotic. They come in tart cherry, peach and guava flavour. The Water-Kefir drinks are delicious and low in sugar.

The Coconut-Kefir Yogurt is light, airy and packed full of coconut flavour. It has only two ingredients - coconut milk and water - which are then fermented. Our Coconut-Kefir Yogurt is a great vegan yogurt alternative as it is dairy-free and has the texture of yogurt. It is great by itself, with granola and fruit or in smoothies.

We provide free delivery within the GTA for all our products and have delivery options outside the GTA as well.

Please visit our website at to try our products! You can also find us in stores throughout the GTA. Also, feel free to connect with us on Instagram @kefirkult

Thank you for supporting us and shopping local during these times!

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