Company Spotlight - OTOblocs

Company Spotlight - OTOblocs

OTO Jr. - Functional Fidget Blocks is now LIVE ON KICKSTARTER

👋Hello, it’s OTO Jr. I’m a functional fidget. What does that mean? Well, when you are done fidgeting you can use me as a phone stand, picture stand and more. 

I care about inspiring creative thinking and providing practical support in people’s daily lives.

🌏My design has been tested and refined. I am getting ready to be SHIPPED WORLDWIDE.

😁By backing OTOblocs on kickstarter you will gain exclusively priced OTO Jr. products and you are helping us:

1. Fund the first mass production run of me, OTO Jr. in all six of my colours 

2. Fund a small portion of manufacturing for OTOblocs Furniture Blocks 

3. Grow our team 

➡️ Get your OTO JR. now for an EXCLUSIVE PRICE on Kickstarter!


  • David Underwood

    Made in Canada?

  • Abby M

    This looks interesting!

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