Company Spotlight - Scoops Supplements

Company Spotlight - Scoops Supplements

Have you ever struggled to finish a large tub of protein powder?

Scoops Supplements offers customizable quantities of sports supplements! We provide the ability to mix and match flavours, products, or try them with low commitment as you are able to select from as little as one serving to as many as one desires! Scoops is currently working with three Canadian supplement manufacturers: Magnum Nutraceuticals, Revolution Nutrition, and BioX Performance Nutrition and offer protein powder (vegan included), pre-workout, BCAA, creatine, protein bars, and shaker bottles. 

We offer shipping across Canada! 🇨🇦 

Use the promo code “NTB15” for 15% off all orders🔥


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    Hi James, yes we deliver to BC!

  • James F

    Delivery to BC?

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